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This page lists some of the selected replies on Oracle Technology which I had given:

Can you Please explain me about “Index”. I have some confusion in that?

Imagine a book with 800-900 pages. You want to refer to a chapter or topic how will you achieve that?
You will refer the index and scan the topics and fetch the page number. Then you go to that particular page where that topic is available.

Similarly, In a database table (which is mostly a segment) you want to fetch a row data pretty fast instead of scanning that whole table.Index is a mechanism offered by oracle to achieve this with minimal effort.

For further details please refer to Oracle Documentation Page – Index.

I want to use an Explain plan which is good in one database, and I want to use the same plan on another database which is on another server.
(How to export Explain Plan to another database)

Explain plan can be migrated from one database to another. Once you are sure and certain that you have got the optimized explain plan. You can migrate your explain plans. In earlier version of oracle you would have done this using Outlines. Outlines are deprecated and Oracle recommends using SQL Plan Baselines instead.

Please refer Oracle Documentation for Migrating Stored Outlines to SQL Plan Baselines.

To get deep insight into the SQL Plan Baselines please refer here

I have worked as an Oracle DBA earlier for few years, but had to take a long break due to health reasons. I would like to start working again as an oracle dba. All the job descriptions are asking for RAC experience, but unfortunately i don’t have experience with RAC. I happened to read your blog and I was wondering if you could advise me where i could get good RAC training in Bangalore.

Regarding the RAC training at B’lore there are numerous training institutes which offers different packaged courses on RAC. Unfortunately, I don’t have full details of them with me.

However, looking at your background and prior experience as DBA. I would recommend that you go for fast track course that offers you hands on training also. You might also take a look at the Oracle University website, see the pre-requisites and syllabus for OCE in RAC and Grid.

Alternately, you might also check for some institutes which offers online courses on RAC with facility of accessing online lab.


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