10 Features in Oracle 12c for Developers

01 Feb

Dear All,
After a long break and holiday season, today I tried my hands on some new features in Oracle 12c for developers.
There has been flood of articles, blog posts, seminars, webinars, conference presentations, videos on Oracle 12c since its launch, which is making wave in the cyber world. Over the years I have learnt to overcome this overwhelming phenomenon in my own way.  The idea is to create my own list of favorite features in new release of Oracle Database and post it 🙂

But all that remained enigma until I tried some of the features today. I have narrowed down my list to 10 features for developers in Oracle 12c.


Source: ToadWorld – Oracle 12c understanding the version number

Did you know that Oracle release version number says a lot about the Oracle Database Product you are working on? There is a one article on understanding Oracle version numbers by Dan Hotka. In case you are interested you can access it on ToadWorld website here.

The presentation content for my Top 10 Features in Oracle 12c for Developers can be found here.

You can download the – setup script and demo script available on my website.

I would like to end this post by sharing a wonderful interactive guide on Oracle 12c. The interactive guide is available on Oracle website here.

Hope you find the content useful and it gives you head start to latest release of Oracle 12c.

Vijay Mahawar

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