Wisdom Tooth: To be or not to be?

18 Nov

“To be or not to be that is the question:
Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer”
Its a familiar quote from William Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet.
This quote relates to state of dilemma, When you doubt the certainty of an event.

I recently got one of my wisdom tooth removed. I am writing this post to share my experience on that.
Wisdom Teeth are last formed molars in the rear end of the jaw. Wisdom teeth are associated with coming of age or attaining maturity. Molars are very useful for chewing and grinding when they are formed properly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with wisdom teeth and hence they may necessitate removal surgery to avoid complications.

Wisdom tooth before extraction

I had following signs/symptoms of discomfort due to wisdom tooth, which prompted me to visit the dentist:

1. Inflammation of the gum near the site of emergence.
2. Pain while chewing and grinding with the wisdom tooth.
3. Wisdom tooth rubbed against the cheek and tongue causing pain.

Visit to the dentist:
After initially examination the doctor said that its due to the wisdom tooth. Over evolution the size of jaws are becoming smaller and there is lesser room for all the teeth to fit in. Wisdom tooth are vestigial organs. The dentist took my X-ray of the wisdom tooth and put me on medication. I was asked to get appointment with Oral surgeon and visit next day.

Appointment with Oral Surgeon:
Next day, I had my heavy breakfast and visited the oral surgeon 😉 The surgeon gave me local anesthesia. The effect of the anesthesia started with the tip of my tongue and then the right side of the mouth. Soon I had no sensation, which the surgeon confirmed from me and proceeded with the surgery. In few minutes the surgeon pulled out the tooth. I could hardly feel the pain and any sensation. I was given written instruction with post-extraction steps and care along-with the medication.

Post Surgery:
Two hours after the surgery, as the effect of anesthesia subsided, the pain became terrible and there was visible swelling in the right cheek. I applied ice-packs every 15 minutes and took medicines as advised by the doctor.

Some post-extraction procedures and care which worked for me. I am listing down here:
1. Applying Ice pack on first and second day alternately every 15 minutes. This reduced swelling and gave relief. You can also have ice-creams. For me the swelling was there till fourth day.
2. Rinsing mouth and affected area with warm saline water every 3-4 hours for several days. This will help in healing the surgery area and dry up the wound.
3. Medicines (pain killer) as advised by the doctor. On third and fourth day there was severe pain. Mouth Gel to apply on the wounds/scar if any caused by biting yourself will also provide some relief.

There is difference of opinion regarding the early extraction of wisdom tooth. I am sharing an interesting link which discuss this in detail. Hope you enjoy this reading. The link can be found at Are Wisdom Teeth (Third Molars) Vestiges of Human Evolution?

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