Qualities of a Student – Vidyaarthee Pancha Lakshanam (विधार्थी पंचलक्षणम्)

01 Sep
For sometime I had been thinking of writing on the qualities of ideal student. But it had to be today that I was able transform my ideas into words.
I am sure most of you might have grown up hearing following śloka
काक चेष्टा बक: ध्यानं, स्वान् निन्द्रा तथैव च ।
अल्पाहार: ब्रह्मचार्यम्, विधार्थी पंचलक्षणम् ॥
Read śloka in English below:

Kaaka-cheshTaa bakodhyaanam shvaana-nidraa tathaiva cha
Alpaahaari brahmachaari vidyaarthee pancha-lakshaNam

So what does the shloka says? What are the qualities which an ideal student should possess. The two lines above has lot to say. Which I have tried to list down as follows:

1) perseverance of a crow,
2) concentration of a swan,
3) light sleeper like a dog,
4) light eater,
5) staying away from home (means noise,emotions).

Kakcheshta means-similar to a thirsty crow who keeps struggling for water to satisfy its thirst, a student must work tirelessly to earn knowledge.

Bakdhaynam means-similar to a heron bird which meditates on its prey like a statue, a student must remain focused to earn knowledge

Swannidra means similar to a dog which sleeps very less and remains alert, a student must not become lazy and remain attentive all the time.

Swalpahaari means since food could be both nourishment as well as addiction a student must avoid eating too much.

Striyastyagi means-a student must practice self-restraince and observe celibacy.

In India, old system of education followed Gurukul system, where above qualities where stressed on.More detail about Gurukul education in India can be found here and here

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