User Authentication(Part 2/4): Strong Authentication

11 Sep

SOS to SSO !

Authentication methods can be classified as:

1. Something user know (password)
2. Something user is (biometric)
3. Something user have (smart card)

Strong user authentication is more than password authentication. It can be combination of any two of the above authentication type to gain high confidence on the user signed in to the centralized server. This server may also be SSO (Single Sign-on).

Strong authentication is supported by the following technologies:

1. Certificates, public key infrastructure (PKI).

a) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in oracle can be achieved through Oracle Wallet component which in turn can be managed using Oracle Wallet Manager. Oracle PKI (orapki) utility is a command-line utility given by oracle to manage certificates in Oracle.

b) Certificates are digital documents that provide proof of user identity. Certificates can be stored in Oracle in Oracle Wallet or Oracle Internet Directory.

2. RADIUS, token and smart cards:

a) RADIUS is Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service. Its a client/server security protocol that is widely used to enable remote authentication and access.

3. Kerberos:

Kerberos server needs to be installed and configured to use for authentication with Oracle Database.

Note: All strong authentication techniques requires Oracle Advanced Security (OAS).

I will soon add a demo on configuring Oracle Wallet Manager in this space.

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