Never lose heart – Always have self-confidence and faith

30 Aug

My previous few blog posts have been on technical articles and Oracle sessions. I thought of taking a break from those posts and tried to post something different.

Today I picked up WISDOM Magazine of September 2011 issue. In there I came across a touching story titled – “Never Lose Heart“.
I am posting it here for you. Hope you find it self-motivating as I did.

Rakesh was a young man full of enthusiasm. He studied only upto 8th standard but he never wanted to serve anybody. His mother loved him very much. She was happy to learn of Rakesh’s interest to start a business of his own. She sold away her only gold ring and gave Rakesh five hundred rupees.

Rakesh started a small stores with the little money his mother lovingly gave him. By his smiling face, good manners, hard work and honesty he build up his business slowly and steadily. Within ten years Rakesh became the owner of a big store with ten assistants to help him. Soon after his marriage his old mother died. Everything was well for some time.

Man does not know why some incidents happen in life. But God does everything for the good of his devotees.

Early one morning Rakesh woke up at the sudden ring of the telephone Someone informed him that his big store was burnt to ashes due to a fire accident. Rakesh rushed to the spot and was speechless to see a heap of debris in the place of his beautiful stores. He became penniless overnight.

He was shocked and he could not face the sudden ruin of his life. He decided on the spot to commit suicide by falling on the railway track. Like a mad man he walked fast towards the railway track.

On the way he observed a young man without legs sitting in a wheel chair under the shade of a wayside tree. The young man was heartily smiling and wishing every passerby: ” Good Morning sir, God bless you”. Rakesh was struck with wonder to see a man without legs in a happy mood. He instantly thought, “when a man without legs is able to live merrily why not I live with my legs intact”.

Rakesh changed his mind. He approached the young man, dropped few coins into his hands, patted on his back and left.
With renewed faith in life Rakesh went to an old noble friend. With tears in his eyes he began narrating the incident of his misfortune. His friend had already read the news in the morning newspaper. He prevented Rakesh from telling anything further.

The kind friend greeted Rakesh with a generous feeling and said, “My dear friend, do not worry. Here is the cheque for Rs.20,000/-. Take it and start life afresh. You can return this money only when you are able to pay.”
Rakesh could not believe his own eyes. He never thought that his friend would believe him and give Rs.20,000/- without a bond. He embraced his friend and said, “You are not my friend. You are a living God before my eyes. I cannot repay your help by any means”.

Rakesh once again started a small stores in the name of his old friend: “Vivek Super Market”. Rakesh worked hard and built up business stage by stage. After 25 years he owned ten big supermarkets in ten towns with 1000 assistants working and business running to hundred crores. What a dramatic change in the life of a man who wanted to commit suicide?

Moral: At any point of time one should not lose self-confidence and faith.


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4 responses to “Never lose heart – Always have self-confidence and faith

  1. Manyata

    1 September, 2011 at 7:25 am

    Nice story Viju. We should never loose faith, there are always ups and downs in life but we should keep going, God always shows a way.
    Very nice write-up. Keep posting such good articles.

  2. Viju

    1 September, 2011 at 7:10 pm

    Thanks Manyata for the appreciation. I am not an avid writer. I am an Oracle technologist and usually post technical articles on Oracle. Nevertheless, I like reading inspirational and motivational magazines.

    The above article is an extract from the monthly magazine called ‘WISDOM’, published from South Indian city – Chennai. There is a hyperlink in the article which will take you to the magazine’s home page. Anytime I come across any good article I will share it via this blog.

    Thanks once again for your kind words.

  3. Manyata

    3 September, 2011 at 6:52 am

    You’re welcome, I am not from a technical background, I am an architecture and planning professional, so I don’t understand your other articles. Is there a way to connect with you on twitter? I’d like to know what you’ve been thinking lately regarding your inspirational/motivational inclinations.

    • Viju

      3 September, 2011 at 1:08 pm

      Glad to know about you. Please visit “Know Me” page for details.


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