How can you eat an entire elephant?

15 Mar

Rome was not built in a day. The same goes for your business. You are embarking on what is likely to be one of the most difficult tasks you have ever taken on in your life. Because you have made the decision to be different, to build your own life, to create your own reality. You have decided to be an entrepreneur.
As an entrepreneur one of the first things you want to learn how to do
Is how to eat an entire elephant.

I’m being serious here. How do you eat an ENTIRE elephant? The Whole thing.

Alright I might be a little crazy but really. how do you? How can you eat an Entire Elephant?

The answer that I NEVER want you to forget Is this


The same analogy could be used with ” How do you build a wall?” . One Brick at a time. And you take the time to lay each brick as perfect as any brick has ever been laid. And over time, with consistency, and determination, one day you will have a finished wall.

This same concept applies in SO many ways to your business, and the perspective you want to have. If you consistently work on your business, and lay one brick at a time everyday. Faster than you could ever have imagined, you will have the thriving and wildly successful business of your dreams. But there are no ‘REAL’ short cuts here. No Big red button, no magic bullet, no special pill as much as the “guru’s” want you to believe there is.

Your success is going to solely rely on your vision, your goals, and your determination to make them a reality. Your Ability to GET THINGS DONE. And that takes Focus, and discipline.

I am here to help, and support you, and build your business with you with every tool, resource, and strategy I have. But at the end of the day, your success comes down to ONE thing. Are you taking action, and are YOU doing the things that need to be done consistently on a daily basis that are going to move you closer to your goal of having a profitable successful business and brand?

Are you making a conscious effort to create the habits that you know will guarantee your success?

If not, WHY?

The easiest way for you to stay consistent, and insure your own success, is to cultivate PROFITABLE Habits in your life. Habits that empower you take the time today, to STOP, to sit down, and to FOCUS. Make the conscious DECISION, to start outlining a daily routine that EMPOWERS you. Something you can commit yourself to every single day. A routine that you will enjoy, that will keep you consistently moving forward, and gaining momentum in both your business, and your life.

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