Motorola MotoYuva W270 – Is the chosen one!!

14 Oct

Hi All, Festive Greetings!!

The new clamshell MotoYuva W270 handset is the handset I have chosen.

Most trendy mobile flip handset comes with many features like FM, MP3 player, FM Recorder, PC Connect and additionally it accepts microSD cards up to 2GB capacity.

I had got the microSD card(costing Rs.250) of 1GB at the time of purchasing. 

I store my favorite mp3 songs in it to listen to relax in office and while travelling. 

MotoYuva also gives you the flexibility to set your saved MP3 songs as ringtone and alarm tones, now that can impress your boss, colleagues and make you a proud owner 😉 (But use this feature with caution)

The handset in total cost me (Rs. 3100 including the microSD card). The idea to go for this was to most importantly economical and had all features expected from a mobile ofcourse FM, MP3 are extra offered by it.For other things blue tooth, Wi-Fi, Infra Red I have my lappy 🙂 and Digi-cam for photos.

I get the liberty to go for another model after some time later on without any worry. The buttons are soft and smooth and gives quick access to frequently access operations, contacts and speed dial.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to open the flap with one hand while on the move or work but that’s acceptable. The handset offers restricted choice will setting wallpaper with only some file format and dimensions of images support by the handset. Overall the mobile is small and handy and looks elegant. Its comes in Black color.

Anyone planning to buy Motoyuva – I assure it won’t disappoint you.

Happy smsing and enjoy the tune of Motoyuva!!

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