Journey from Oracle Developer to Oracle DBA.

06 Sep

I am working as Oracle PL/SQL developer (OCA certified) since last 3.5 years and aspire to become a Oracle DBA(OCP).
The journey I must say hasn’t been smooth so far. The developer mindset says code, debug, develop, test. Its natural after all I have been in this for such a long time.
On the other hand my dream to become a Certified Oracle Database Administrator doesn’t allow me to relax and go to sleep, funny yet true!! Nevertheless my job and boss takes me as a developer and hence I am developer in job as I am yet to prove my DBA skills on the job. I have to accept it.
I have to play dual role Developer in Job and DBA at home 😉

I spend around 3-4 hours to surf and study DBA stuff. My default websites are:
Another website which has been instrumental in my pursuit to become a certified DBA is :
Another days over. Time to go to bed see you later with more stuff.
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Posted by on 6 September, 2008 in Oracle


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