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Day to worship the 5 elements inside out!

Dear Friends,

5th of June is World Environment Day. I spent few minutes of my Sunday to jot down few tips which is easy to follow and can make a huge difference to World Environment.

  • Re-Usable paper cloth instead of tissues.
  • Replace polythene with jute bags or bags made of old sarees/clothes.
  • Switch off ignition at traffic signals
  • Park your vehicle few step before lift/escalators in mall and walk remaining distance.
  • Take lift one-two floors before your actual floor and climb stairs for remaining floors.
  • Keep indoor plants like Areca -Palm, Snake plant, spider plants and Aloe Vera plant in office and home.
  • Keep a bowl of water during this summer on your terrace or near window for birds and pigeons.
  • Summer is season of water-melon, musk-melon, papaya and Oranges, Keep the seeds of this fruits safely. This is also season of vacation, when you travel on vacation by road/train/bus through barren lands please throw/spread these seeds, so that when the monsoon rains arrive even if few of the seeds survive and turn into plants and out of them some can turn into trees become fodder for cattle.
  • Use vegetable skins and waste in home and use it as fertiliser for plants/kitchen garden.
  • Hundreds and thousands of cow/calf die every year in summer out of hunger. Prepare one chapatti extra for stray cow/calf this summer.
  • Take steps to avoid leakage of water from water-coolers, tanks and pipes. Collect the water from outlet of ACs and use it for plants.
  • Use earthen pot instead of refrigerated water. This would give employment to rural people and will also promote good health in the urban people.
  • Profitable corporates which can afford the solar infrastructure can opt for it as long term strategic initiatives.

Small change by each one of us, can make a huge difference to curb the global warming, reduce carbon foot prints, control the pollution and promote health and hygiene.

Let’s join hands to worship the five elements – Fire, Air, Space (Ether), Earth and Water. These five elements makes the environment and each one of us are also made up of same five elements.


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Religion divides spirituality unites !

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Peace leads to inner strength

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Completed Oracle Apps R12 Technical Training

Dear Friends,
Its pleasure to inform you all that I completed Oracle Apps R12 Technical Training. It was an online training session by Sridevi Koduru.
The training material and sessions were very clear and to the point! It was well designed and gave a good head-start in Oracle Apps Financials from the technical perspective.

Oracle Apps R12 Technical Training

Oracle Apps R12 Technical Training

I would also like to thank Udemy which provides wonderful platform for such courses. #BeAble

My detailed resume can be found here.


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