Awarded for participating in the 2021 Oracle Database 21c Competition

Thanks to Oracle Dev Gym for awarding me Database Innovator Badge 2021 for participating in the 2021 Oracle Database 21c Competition.

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Happy Earth Day 2022!

Dear Friends,

Happy Earth Day to you all, 22nd April every year is celebrated as Earth Day.

Some innovative idea to keep ourselves and the future generations safe on this blue marble.

Search Engine that plant trees – Ecosia

Innovative Water Box – Caro

Exeger – Flexible solar cells for portable devices

Note: All views expressed here are authors personal view and does not represent any organisation. The author does not hold any financial interest in products and brands shared here.

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Thanks to Oracle Dev Gym for Recognition and mention in your blog

Thanks to Oracle Dev Gym and Chris Saxon for recognising and mentioning me in your blog post.

The post was in reference to my participation in the Annual Database Championship 2021 and Annual Logic Championship 2021 (post for championship result is here)


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Happy New Year 2022 !

Dear Friends,

Wish you all a very happy new year 2022. 

Wish the coming year give you all that you desired for in this life and our existence.

Gregorian Calendar Vs Cosmic Calendar

Today while we are celebrating one revolution of earth around sun by gregorian calendar.

But if the age of the universe were a calendar year, humans would appear on December 31st, at eight seconds to midnight ! This is what is called as the cosmic calendar.

Did you know there also exists a Galactic Year?

Source: The Secrets of Universe

So don’t regret if you were homebound during the pandemic, you still had a trip around the milky way galaxy. Its only that you never realised it earlier. Hope in coming year you enjoy the trip around the galaxy with stunning visuals provided by our new telescope – James Webb Space Telescope

Here is the Google – Year in Search 2021

At last, time is just one of the measuring units for celebrating our physical existence on Earth.


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Happy World Kindness Day!

Today, I noticed that my coconut oil is in semi-solid state which means winter has arrived. Time for some reflection.

What was your way of observing this beautiful transition of season?

Happy World Kindness Day 😇 – Don’t forget to do a random act of kindness today.


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